Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day in the Life of an Infant (picture heavy)

For not doing much yesterday, we had quite an eventful day! We started off spending some time in the Bumbo chair with Sophie.

Lately he'll last around 45 minutes in the chair, as long as I'm hanging out with him. If I'm working on something he can go about a half hour, as long as the TV is on... I know, Mother of the Year material right here!

He's not going to fit in the Bumbo much longer I don't think. When I pull him out his legs get stuck now. It's pretty cute how chubby his thighs are getting!

After Bumbo time Harry got hungry. I made a bottle and fed him all but an ounce or so. He then took the bottle and held it himself! He wasn't able to finish it by himself but he got quite a few sips.

About an hour after the bottle it was time for veggies. The past few days he hasn't been super interested so I had only planned on giving  him an ounce of sweet potatoes. Yesterday he quickly finished the sweet potatoes and seemed interested in eating more, so I gave him carrots... and then some zucchini! He had never eaten three ounces at once before, so that was exciting.

When it was time for me to make dinner (zucchini casserole!) I put Harry in his exersaucer so I could start cooking. I usually move the exersaucer so he can easily see me in the kitchen. That way he'll stay in the activity center for around a half hour.

 Harry is now tall enough to be able to turn himself around and found the hanging toys last week. Ever since then he's been trying to grab them. He finally did it yesterday! He was just a little excited...

So cute!

 After dinner (and an outfit change) Harry was hanging out in his rocker playing with his Infantino Activity Ball, which he loves. All of a sudden I heard a whack. I was on my computer and I didn't see it happen, but he started screaming so I knew he had hurt himself. It took a good five minutes to calm him down and I noticed a big welt on his forehead.

Poor kiddo! We put him in the bath right after to help calm him down more. At bedtime the bump was barely visible, so hopefully it won't bruise or anything.

So, according to Harry, it was a pretty exciting day!


  1. His first booboo. A momentous occasion.

  2. Loving the pictures dear and Harry is too cute for his own good :)


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