Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cloth Diapering- A Dad's Perspective

I asked my husband to do a guest post on his thoughts on cloth diapering. Here are his very honest thoughts thus far.

This pose was HIS idea

I have been tasked with answering questions about how I feel about the cloth diapers? Short answer: They're OK.

Here's the long answer:

While Lindsey was pregnant with Harry, we had briefly discussed cloth diapering and quickly decided to go with disposables because of their convenience. It wasn't until about a month ago that we chose to give the cloth diapers a try. Harry's older and we felt we could handle it more.

I'll admit, my initial thoughts on cloth diapering were that they're unnecessary. In the long run they may be cheaper than disposables, but they are so inconvenient to me. How much simpler can it be than having Harry go to the bathroom in a diaper and me just tossing it into the garbage/Diaper Genie? With the cloth diapers the cleanup process, especially for No. 2s, is too long. At least the way we do it, which was documented here on Lindsey's blog. I'm sure we can throw them in the washer and drier, but there goes all of our laundry money because we can't put them in the same load as regular clothes. To me, it's just one negative after the other. But here's why I want to keep them.

They are crazy absorbent. The disposables, while convenient, can leak more frequently. We definitely can't keep Harry in a disposable for nearly as long as we can a cloth. Obviously poops don't count because you gotta get him out of those ASAP. As for pee, cloths can easily handle mass amounts. Especially overnight. When we first put Harry to bed in a cloth they leaked. But now that we figured out how to put them on correctly, they can take a full nights load. The Imagines and Bum Genius' specifically.

Now for the aesthetics. Some designs are more pleasing than others. We bought a beige one from Kohls that is just hideous and the same goes for a white Imagine one we bought. We also have two red ones and I think that color is perfect for the cloths. I also like the GroVia with the owl design and the Thirsties one with trees. They look really cute on Harry.

All in all, I give the cloth diapers a passing grade, but not by much. Their lack of convenience is made up for with their absorbency and then some. Not to mention that some of the designs are cool. It may take me a while longer to fully embrace the cloths, but I'm not nearly as gung-ho against them as I used to be.

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