Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cloth Diaper Storage

Part of my Mother's Day gift was a cloth diaper storage system. After doing some research online and in stores I decided to go with this organizer by Badger Basket. It's a little smaller than I thought but it works and matches perfectly with our nursery furniture.

Please don't mind the droopy crib skirt
With the addition of the organizer I was able to move our wipes and diaper creams off the changing table to make room for my growing baby. Here's how I've organized the drawers.

The top drawer is full of our daytime dipes. There's 10 diapers in there but I could probably get up to 14.

The second drawer is for our nighttime diapers. I stuff extra inserts in these diapers so it's easier to keep them separate so Ant doesn't accidentally put one on Harry during the day. Right now we have four nighttime diapers, which is a good amount. This week I hope to do a post on cloth diapering at night, so watch out for that!

The third drawer just holds random cloth diapering supplies. Right now I've got some GroVia disposable liners, extra FuzziBunz elastics and extra inserts.

We still keep disposables on hand and probably will as long as we don't have our own laundry. Harry wears cloth about 80% of the time right now. We usually put him in a Huggies when we leave the house and if we know Harry's only going to be in a diaper for a short time. Like last night we gave Harry a bath at 7p.m. We knew he wouldn't go to bed until about 9p.m. so he was in a disposable for about an hour until we started his bedtime routine. Since I do hand wash the diapers they're at a premium around here and I'd hate to "waste" a cloth diaper because cleaning them isn't easy.

As far as storing the soiled diapers, we have our diaper pail in the bathroom. It's right across the hall from the nursery and since the diaper sprayer is hooked up to the toilet and I do the laundry in there everything is in one place.


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