Friday, May 4, 2012

Cloth Diaper Stash

Okay, instead of a Flashback Friday post, I decided to post the cloth diapers we have so far. We've got 14, which is a nice start, but to do it full time we'll need to get more. We're gonna hold off buying any more for a while to make sure we like the whole process and to see which ones work the best for us.

First row (L to R): Oh Katy, Tweedle Bugs, FuzziBunz One Size, Imagine
Second row: Kawaii, Bum Genius 4.0, Kawaii, FuzziBunz Perfect Size
Third row: FuzziBunz Perfect Size, FuzziBunz One Size, Trend Lab (I had some Kohl's Cash to use), Imagine
Fourth row: Thirsties, GroVia

The links correspond with where we purchased the diapers, but most of the brands are available at many different retailers.

Obviously Harry was wearing a disposable diaper when I took this picture, but I put him in the red Tweedle Bugs diaper right after.


And, I just had to change him. His first #2 in cloth. Good thing Ant installed our diaper sprayer last night! He's now wearing the Trend Lab diaper. It's not a pocket diaper like most of my other ones, the microfiber insert just snaps in. Which is all well and good, but from what I've read the microfiber can give a baby a nasty diaper rash. I can make it in to a pocket diaper or I can line the diaper with something if a problem occurs.

This is the next diaper I want to get. The owl print is just too cute!


  1. I pretty much think that a diaper sprayer is ESSENTIAL when using cloth. The first few, I put face down in the toilet and let them soak, then I swirled them around to get as much poo off as I could. The sprayer is much more effective! I still get water spray all over the toilet matter how I regulate the pressure.

    1. I got water all over the toilet too! Oh well, better than having a stained diaper!


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