Saturday, May 12, 2012

Baby Yogurt

Yesterday Harry tried a new food group for the first time... dairy! There's a lot of misinformation out there regarding babies and dairy. As long as a baby doesn't have a dairy intolerance it is absolutely fine in moderation. The reason doctors scare parents in to not feeding their babies dairy (specifically milk) is because they don't want parents to forgo breast milk/formula in favor of milk. While cow's milk is the perfect food for baby calves it is not for baby humans and doesn't provide the nutrition they need if given exclusively.

Check out this article from Wholesome Babyfood for more info on feeding dairy to infants.

Yesterday while at Target we picked up some Stonyfield YoBaby peach yogurt for Harry to try. Usually it takes at least a few bits of a new food for Harry to warm up to it, but not the YoBaby!


He liked it right away and ate the entire four ounce container in about 15 minutes.

Looking back I probably shouldn't have given him so much yogurt his first time having dairy (apart from his formula, which does have a cow's milk base). But here we are 24 hours later and we haven't had any problems... knock on wood! 

Also at Target yesterday I was able to find some organic apples! I made six of them in to applesauce already and will finish up the batch tonight. And while picking up formula in the baby department I found the Happy Baby Organic Puffs. I had planned to get Mum Mum biscuits but I thought the sweet potato puffs looks a little yummier. 

Lots of new foods for Harry to try this week!

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