Saturday, May 19, 2012

6.5 Month Appointment

Yesterday was Harry's 6.5 month appointment. Our not-so-tiny boy now weighs 17lb2oz (50th percentile) and is 28.25'' tall (90th percentile). He also got two shots and an oral vaccine.

I've never talked about it here on my blog, but we're doing somewhat of an alternative vaccine schedule. The AAP recommends up to seven vaccines at the six month appointment, I can't imagine making Harry go through that many shots at one time! The schedule we're on is kind of a hybrid of the AAP and Dr. Sears' schedule. Typical well baby appointments happen at one, two, four, six, nine and twelve months. With our schedule Harry sees the pediatrician every month so we can spread out the vaccines.

I know an alternative vaccine schedule isn't for everyone and I don't think the AAP recommendations are bad or harmful. This is just what has worked for our family so we're gonna stick with it!

After the doctor's office Harry and I headed down to the Naperville River Walk to hang out with some of the moms and babies from our Facebook group. I was kind of worried that the shots would make him a fussy butt but he was pretty well behaved. He did get fussy towards bedtime last night, though.

Anyways... all the ladies and babies had a nice time, it was the perfect day to hang outside. One of the babies is crawling already. It was so cute to see her scoot around on the blankets!

We didn't take any pictures so I'll leave you with a few of Harry from Thursday. He ate four ounces of purees (sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini and applesauce) and I started to give him some puffs. He wasn't quite sure what to make of them but he ate a few.

I hope you're all enjoying your Saturday!


  1. Cute! He is absolutely adorable. Do you like the Tommee Tippee bib? I love all the other products I own but didnt know about the hard plastic. Thanks for the input!

    1. Thank you! For the most part I do like the bibs. Harry didn't like the Baby Bjorn ones so we tried these instead. They are really easy to clean since they're all silicone and no fabric.
      The only thing with them is that they have that random hole right at the top of the bib... who does that?!?!

  2. Never thought about the hole haha. Thank you for the little review ;)

  3. Harry is such a cutie! I'm so with you about the vaccines. We are doing the same type of thing with Ethan. I just can't see doing so many at one time. Their systems are just so tiny to have to absorb all of that.


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