Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet Potato Success

Harry loved the sweet potatoes yesterday!

Thumbs up!

He ate about a total of one ounce between two different feedings. It was pretty obvious he preferred the sweet potatoes to the avocados. He was diggin' them!

We're still trying to figure out a good schedule for incorporating the solids into his diet. In the mornings I've been feeding him in between bottles and in the evenings I've been feeding him solids and formula at the same time. Not sure which way is working better for us yet, but we'll get in to a routine soon enough. If you've done baby purées let me know what your feeding schedule was/is!

Okay, just a quick update today. I need to get on the ball with my 52 ABCs photo challenge, I'm a few weeks behind on that. Maybe I'll try and work on that this afternoon. No promises though.

And tomorrow we have Harry's 5.5 month appointment. He's grown a lot the past month. I'm guessing he'll weigh 16.5 pounds and will be 27 inches long.

I'll update how the appointment went tomorrow afternoon.

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