Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stuff That Happened Today

(Because I can't think of a catcher title for this post)

Sorry no post this morning, I've been pretty good lately about getting one out each day. It just wasn't happenin' earlier.

Last night when we went to JoAnn's along with the fabric I needed we looked at the wind chimes that were on display. We have a few hooks hanging above our patio from the balcony upstairs and thought it would be nice to put one out there. Since we live in a condo building we didn't want to get one that was too loud. We picked out the perfect one. Or so we thought.

Cute, right? And then the wind started blowing.

Still looks cute. But as soon as that gust was over, this is what it looked like.

So ya, that didn't quite work. FAIL. But look what the UPS man brought me today!

My new Cuisinart saute pan! I've been using a really dinky one since we moved in together and stuff is always boiling over in it (Hamburger Helper, in particular). Can't wait to try it out!

And, look what Harry tried today. (I know, this post is all over the place)

When I first gave him the celery to gnaw on he gave this really funny face, but then warmed up to it and chewed it for about 5 minutes. I have some carrot sticks I will let him try as well. I don't know how much flavor he's actually getting, but celery and carrots make great teething "toys" for babies; with adult supervision of course.

Okay, time to go untangle my new wind chime. Ugh.


  1. another great teething food is if you get those mesh bags and put frozen grapes in them Avery loves those they really eased her pain

    1. Harry got some of those things in his Easter basket! I'll probably pick up some grapes to freeze for him on Friday :).


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