Monday, April 2, 2012

Picnic Fail

Yesterday the weatherman got us good with his April Fool's joke! We had heard it was going to be in the mid-60s-70s and though it would be fun to go on a little picnic with Harry. Before heading to the Spring Creek Reservoir we stopped at Caputo's to pick up some sandwiches to enjoy for lunch. We'd never been to Caputo's before, an Italian grocery store that's well-known for their deli. The deli line was loooong so we just chose some pre-made sandwiches and were on our way.

It was cold! The temperature reading in my car was a good ten degrees colder than what the weatherman told us. Ugh. We decided to brave it and make the most of our afternoon.

We ate fast and then I walked around a bit to snap some pictures.

Ant and I tried to take a picture together.

HA! Super major fail on that one! I promise I don't have a mustache in real life. There are quite a few forest preserves in our area so as the weather warms up I'm sure we'll be picnicking a lot more.

I promised an update on Harry's situation I talked about on Friday. We've been adding a capsule of the Florastor to his bottles twice a day and it seems to be working. Last night he finally had an almost normal poop, yay! I'm confident his flora will be fully restored in the next few days :).


  1. MIZ! I'm from Central MO and love seeing other people repping my beloved Tigers. :)

    1. ZOU! That's awesome! My husband went to Mizzou and I went to Stephens :)


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