Thursday, April 5, 2012

Harry's Easter Basket

Yesterday the boys and I went to Babies R Us to grab some things for Harry's Easter basket. We had a lot of fun picking items out and got him some good stuff!

In the basket there's a football-shaped OBall, Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Camera, Sassy brand teething feeders, extra teething feeder bags, a t-shirt, romper and a rubber ducky. I also picked up the Leap Frog My Discovery House from last week when it was on Daily Deals.

FYI parents, all the Sassy brand feeding stuff is BOGO 50% off at BRU through April 12th! I'm really excited to give Harry the feeders, but we're going to hold off for another month or so. The cashier at BRU suggested putting frozen grapes in them, great idea!

I also ordered Harry an amber teething necklace yesterday from It won't be here for a few weeks so I can't technically count it as an Easter gift, but that was my original intention. 

Harry has also gotten a few other Easter gifts from family members, so he definitely made out this year!


  1. Love his little basket. Great stuffers!

  2. Fun! I bought Vincent some stuff for his basket too...can't wait to fill it! I've heard good things about the mesh feeders. We got a couple at the shower and I'm excited to use them. Grapes - what a great idea! Peeled, I'm assuming?

    1. You know, I didn't even think about the peels! Since it's in the feeder it probably doesn't matter, but now that you said something I'll probably take them off before I freeze them just in case :). I hope you guys have a great Easter!!


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