Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feeding Himself

Harry has only been eating solids for a week and a half, and look what he can do already!

We started with doing two meals a day, but lately he hasn't been into his morning meal at all, so going forward he'll get one meal a day, around 5p.m. Yesterday he had an ounce of carrots followed by an ounce of zucchini. It was his first time having the carrots, and he really loved them! I didn't thin them out with any formula and he seemed to enjoy the thicker consistency.

While we I was feeding him the zucchini he kept flailing his right arm so I gave him the spoon and he started to feed himself, so cute! I had to help him dip the spoon back in the bowl but I was surprised at how much hand-eye coordination he had to do it.

He also rolled from back to tummy for the first time yesterday! His arm got caught at a weird angle, but it was exciting.

And to all the mamas and papas out there... Target.com is having a pretty decent sale on baby stuff right now. The convertible car seat we've been eying for a while is currently $25 off! The Graco MyRide 65 they have in-store is a little different than the online one, but we liked this one enough to order it. It should be delivered on Friday. Harry's current car seat is okay to use until he's 29 inches or 22 pounds so we'll use it until his six month check up, at which point I think he'll be pretty close to the height limit.

More Wind Chime Woes
So, remember how I returned the first wind chime I bought to buy one that wouldn't get all tangled Well, this is how the second one looks now.

Stupid thing broke. Ugh, I just can't win! Oh well. I was only planning on getting one hanging plant but maybe I'll get two this year. I had one last year and it never caused me any troubles.


  1. Hey, we have those same spoons and after I fed Vincent peas, they were stained green. It's not even like they sat with food on them either. I put the spoons right into hot soapy water to soak with bottles and then washed them. :/

    1. Ours are stained orange from the sweet potatoes and carrots!


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