Sunday, April 8, 2012

Caesar the Dog

Before I talk about the dog, I meant to post this picture with his five month update yesterday.

Harry has found his toes! Any time he's on his back he's grabbing for his toes now. They haven't found his mouth yet, but I'm sure they will soon.

Caesar the Dog
So yesterday Harry and I went over to my dad's to meet the newest member of the family, Caesar the dog!

Caesar is a nine week old Doberman Pinscher. So cute! Caesar recently got his ears clipped so he'll have the cone on his head for a couple months.

We had a Doberman growing up and while they have a bad reputation for being malicious attack dogs, they're actually very affectionate and kind if trained right. 

They are very protective dogs and Caesar took to protecting Harry right away. Look what he did as I was feeding le bebe.

Seriously, is that not the sweetest thing? When my stepsister ran up the stairs loudly when I was feeding him Caesar growled and barked at her like he was trying guarding Harry.

We're going over again today for dinner so we'll see if Caesar has the same demeanor around Harry again. And just for fun here's a cute picture of Harry and my step-mom.


  1. omg I love his hair and those cute little jeans!!

  2. If I recall, there seemed to be a pretty limited selection of dog food to choose from, when I was growing up. But these days the market is bloated with choices in dog foods.


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