Saturday, April 14, 2012

Adam Ferrara at the Improv

Last night Ant and I had our second date night without Harry. It was much easier leaving him the second time than the first. But I fear separation anxiety might have set in, apparently Harry had a rough evening after we left. Poor kiddo!

Don't leave me mama!

But, Ant and I had a nice evening out. As I said yesterday, he purchased a Groupon before we even had the baby for the Improv comedy club in Schaumburg and it expires next week. This weekend's act is Adam Ferrara, a comedian who apparently hosts the show Top Gear? Ya, no clue. Ant had heard of him, though.

Before the show we went to Stir Crazy for dinner. Yum!


After we finished our stir fry we still had a half hour to kill before the show started so we walked around the mall a bit.

1997, is that you?

Stunna shades

The show was really good! Adam was really funny, as was the opening act; a local comedian who is also an ER doctor! Unfortunately no cameras are allowed in the comedy club so I wasn't able to get any pictures.

We had a nice night out but I did feel bad leaving my baby. We definitely won't be doing that again for a while. Our next date night will have to be something baby-friendly :).

And we're going to start solids today! I had initially wanted to wait another week, but he's showing signs of reediness so we're gonna go for it. We've decided to skip cereals and go strait to fruits and veggies. We're going to try some avocado first and in four days we'll introduce sweet potatoes.  Neither are foods I like, but by introducing Harry to a wide variety of flavors early on I'm hoping to make him less picky than when I was as a kid (wishful thinking on my part!).

I highly recommend the website Wholesome Baby Food if you're forgoing  the pre-made baby food like we are. Between the website and a baby cookbook I have Harry is gonna be feasting like a king!

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