Wednesday, April 25, 2012

8 Weeks In/24 Weeks Out

This was my baby boy one year ago today.

If you look closely you can kind of make out the beginnings of his eyes, nose and mouth. It also looks like he was kind of waving at us! This ultrasound was taken at my very first prenatal appointment. What a crazy emotional day that was! The night before I had a little bit of spotting, so of course I got hardly any sleep and woke up bright and early to make an appointment. I was so thankful they were able to get me in that day!

A couple hours after my appointment my morning sickness really started. I had been a bit queasy before then, but it was nothing compared to that day. Everything I went through (and complained about) was so worth it, though!

Here is my baby boy today, he's 24 weeks and 2 days old (or 5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days).

What a difference a year makes!

These photos were the first I've taken in manual on my DSLR. I think they turned out great! Although admitedly I know nothing about appeture, f-stop or anything like that. I have a book that I've gone through, except for the chapter on manual mode... it's very intimidating! I usually shoot on P mode which I'm fairly familiar with, having used that mode for years on different cameras.

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