Thursday, April 19, 2012

5.5 Month Appointment

A+'s all around again!

Harry currently weighs 16 pounds and is now 27.5 inches tall. Kiddo grew and inch and a quarter in one month! Holy smokes! Dr. Sam was very pleased with his growth and development. Harry still isn't laughing much, but the doctor wasn't worried. He just told me to find funnier jokes, haha!

He was totally fine with us skipping the cereal and liked that we're giving Harry homemade purées as opposed to the store-bought stuff. I asked about when we can start giving him water. Dr. Sam said we could start now if we wanted to, but since there's no nutritional content in water babies don't need it. Everything I've read has said not to start until six months, so we'll hold off until at least then. The only benefit I see of giving water to infants is teaching them how do drink from a cup. 

I also asked about sunscreen. Again, most everything I've read said to wait until six months. We're going to the zoo on Saturday and he said it was fine for us to use it. That'll be the only time we'll use it until his six month birthday. 

Harry also had to endure two more shots today. He did very well and cried for like 30 seconds.

After the appointment we stopped off at Target to pick up a few things. Among the items in our cart were some organic yellow squashes and more sweet potatoes! I'm gonna whip up some squash purée this afternoon if I have time. We're going to start the zucchini purée tomorrow, which I'm really excited about since it's the first food Harry will try that I actually like! 

Here's a cute picture of my baby boy before heading out to the doctor's.

His t-shirt has metallic guitar necks on it. The shirt is by Little Tots, which is exclusive to Buy Buy Baby. His jeans are from Once Upon A Child. No idea on the brand (he's in his excersaucer right now and I don't want to interrupt playtime).

Annnnnnd now he's fussing. Gotta run!

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