Friday, March 2, 2012

White Sox Game

After a two week hiatus, Flashback Friday is back! This week's photo is brought to you by the year 2006.

I've mentioned before that we met in Columbia, Missouri while in college. A few months after we started dating we took our first road trip to watch the Kansas City Royals play Ant's favorite baseball team, the Chicago White Sox.

If I remember correctly, we heard the same Jewel song on the radio both going to and from the ball park. How random is my memory?!? There were quite a few White Sox fans at the game and it was nice for Ant because his team won (I couldn't have cared less).

Ant bought me the t-shirt since I didn't have one. I think I still have it buried somewhere in my closet. And while I don't have that particular pair of sunglasses anymore, I'm still rockin' a very similar pair. What can I say, I'm a creature of habit.

Ever since that game we've gone to a Sox game every summer up until 2011 (pregnancy is a fun excuse!). Of the other four games we've attended together three were at their home stadium and one was the Chicago Cubs stadium for the Cross Town Classic.

I know Ant can't wait to take Harry to his first White Sox game, but it'll definitely be a few years. Neither of us want to experience changing a diaper in those crowded, gross bathrooms!

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