Monday, March 12, 2012

Tapas Valencia

I feel like I'm getting sick, ugh. I woke up yesterday feeling like crap, and don't feel much better now. I've been taking Airborne to hopefully fight it off, but who knows if those things actually work. Anyways...

Saturday night Ant and I had our first night out without Harry. The last time we did that Harry was in the NICU. I was super nervous to leave Harry in someone else's care, but it was about time we did.

Around three o'clock Saturday afternoon we packed up and headed over to my dad and stepmom's house to drop off Harry. Even though we were just leaving him for a few hours, we still had to bring a ton of stuff to keep Harry on his schedule.

When we got to the g'rent's house we set everything up and explained the two page typed instructions I had written up. I know, I'm a little nuts.

I had a really hard time saying good bye, I even started crying!

After about 45 minutes Ant and I headed to Chicago for some tapas. We've eaten at quite a few tapas bars around the area and wanted to add another to our list. After doing some research we found Tapas Valencia and thought it was worth trying.

Since dinner wasn't the only thing on the agenda, we made an early reservation and were among the first parties seated for the evening. The ambience of the restaurant was not nearly as lively and fun as other tapas bars we've been to, we kind of felt like we even had to whisper. But the uptight atmosphere could just have been because we were there so early. I bet things loosen up around there as the night goes on.

As soon as we sat down we both ordered sangrias. Peach for me, and strawberry for Ant.

We both agreed my peach sangria was the better tasting drink. The restaurant has a pretty extensive menu, and we ordered six dishes to enjoy (pictured, clockwise from top left): patatas con alioli, alcachofas con crema, pato confitado, a chicken and goat cheese dish not on the online menu, patatas bravas and queso de cabra.

Everything was excellent, except for the pato confitado. Which for those that don't speak Spanish, is duck. Neither of us had ever tried duck before, so Ant decided to be adventurous and order it. The sauce was a little funky and I didn't care for the taste of the meat in general. Like I said, everything else was great, and the standout dish was definitely the chicken breast with goat cheese. So yummy!

If you like tapas, I'd recommend you give Tapas Valencia a try. FYI, Tapas Valencia is owned by the owners of Meson Sabika, a popular restaurant in Naperville.  But go for a late dinner if you can to see if the atmosphere livens up a bit.

Since this post is really long already, I'll save the second part of our date night for my next post. Look for it later this afternoon!

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