Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet Mandy B's

Where was this baby two nights ago?

Harry's cute tiger onesie is from Old Navy, but we picked it up at Once Upon A Child

It was so nice to have my happy baby back last night! He was a little fussy right before I put him to bed but fell asleep pretty fast. Poor Harry has been congested since yesterday, too, which majorly sucks. I used my NoseFrida (don't judge, it works great!) to help him out a bit, but can't get everything. Cross your fingers his stuffy nose gets better soon!

Kiddo also woke up at 7:30 this morning. Totally out of character for him, he always sleeps until at least 8:30. So that was... fun?? It's definitely a two-cup o' joe kinda morning!

Sweet Mandy B's
With the rough night we had on Tuesday, Ant thought we were due for a treat yesterday. Bring on the Sweet Mandy B's!

Clockwise from top left: red velvet, banana chocolate chip, Snickerdoodle and yellow w/ chocolate frosting

I'd never heard of this bakery before, but I'm glad Ant found it! I had the red velvet (obvi) and the Snickerdoodle. Both were delish, but the Snickerdoodle was outta this world amazing! Ant thought there was a bit too much frosting on his, while I thought the ratio of cake to frosting was just right. Which is weird because I don't like a lot of frosting on my cuppycakes, whereas Ant usually does.

I'd have to say Sweet Mandy B's is one of my favorite Chicago bakeries. Sprinkles' red velvet is my all time favorite, but Sweet Mandy B's definitely gave the famous cupcakery a run for its money!


  1. He is so sweet! Glad he's feeling better :D

  2. Glad he is back to being a happy baby :) ...and those sweets look soooooo yummy, I'm jealous!


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