Saturday, March 24, 2012

Six Years

Hello from the Z infirmary! Harry and I are still sick. He's taking it very well though, just sleeping a lot. I on the other hand, am whining like a little baby because that's way more fun than sleep. I am feeling better this afternoon so hopefully that means that I'm on the mend and the worst of it is over.

Yesterday was our six year dating anniversary. We started dating at the beginning of March during our junior year of college and made it Facebook official right before spring break.

Aren't these roses gorgeous? I love the little flowers too, much prettier than baby's breath! He got them from Roselle Flowers, which is a great local flower shop Ant's used many times. And lucky for him, they also served as a get well present, ha! And did you guys notice how "Harry" miswrote one of the R's in his name? Ant thought that was pretty clever.... mmmmkay.

I revamped the My Pregnancy page yesterday. It was something fun to do while I was sick. Be sure to check it out!

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