Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rolling Over

Yesterday we took Harry out on three different outings. First to Target for some grocery shopping, then to Hobby Lobby to pick up a fleur de lis wall hanging I saw a couple weeks back and then to Japan 77 for dinner. There was a Groupon for the restaurant yesterday and since we hadn't been since I was pregnant we thought it'd be nice to go back.

We always have to take pictures before going out somewhere :)

I love polo onesies on little boys! This one is by Carters.

A funny thing that happened at dinner. I ordered my Shirley Temple as I always do at the restaurant. The waitress didn't have any idea what I was talking about, so I said, "a Shirley Temple. They'll make it at the bar. It's Sprite and cherry." Sigh, I ended up with a Sprite and some maraschino cherries. I suppose it's partly my fault since I should have said Sprite and grenadine, but whatevs.

And guess who rolled over for the first second time yesterday! He rolled over once when he was about six weeks old but hasn't done it since. While we were watching the horrible end to the Mizzou basketball game yesterday I put Harry on his tummy. By the time I stood up he was on his back! He was just so nonchalant about it.

We were so excited that he did it and of course put him back on his tummy to see if he'd do it again. No such luck unfortunately. He was trying to do it again but couldn't quite figure it out. I really hope this wasn't another fluke, but we shall see.

We also got a couple really cute, little giggles out of him last night as I was putting him in his jammies. I can't wait until he gives us a full on belly laugh! A lot of the mom's in the online group I'm a part of and some of my YouTube friends have posted videos about their babies laughing, and they're all younger than Harry. I know I shouldn't compare him to other babies, but it's hard not to.

Anyways, Happy St. Pats! We did a fun little photo shoot the other day and I'll post those pictures on the blog in a bit.

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  1. Omgosh. Harry is absolutely aDORABLE! I especially love the picture of him with Sophie in his crib =)


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