Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Most Stressful Night Ever

Oh.Em.Gee. Last night was awful. Sometimes Harry will get fussy in the evenings but that's nothing compared to what we experienced last night. He was a little fussy all afternoon but all hell broke loose around six o'clock.

Poor baby was just screaming his head off. He's screamed before, but never like that. It was so pitiful! At one point I started crying a little, too. I tried everything I could think of to calm him down. Three different kinds of formula, Tylenol, gas drops, gripe water and then I put him my infant carrier and finally got him to nap for about 15 minutes.

At some point we managed to get him to drink four ounces of premixed Similac, but that's all he ate all night. Around ten o'clock we decided to call our pediatrician. We were out of ideas and Harry was still screaming his head off. The nurse on-call ran through a list of symptoms like swollen thighs, hard distended belly and elevated temperature. Everything was normal so she suggested I get in the bath with him. Best.Advice.Ever.

We hopped in the bath and he calmed down right away. He's always loved baths so I'm not surprised. We keep to a pretty strict bath schedule so I didn't even think to give him one since he's not due for one until tonight. Harry and I stayed in the bath for over an hour; our fingers were really pruney when we got out!

He ended dozing off in the tub and thankfully getting him to his crib wasn't too big of a deal. He was sound asleep 15 minutes after I put him to bed and slept through the night like nothing was wrong. He woke up at his normal time this morning, a little after nine o'clock.

I will say, if that is what colic is like, we've been spoiled. I think I was a colicky baby, and I don't think I could handle Harry screaming for hours and hours every day. I'm thinking he might be in the early stages of teething or that he just had a bad reaction to the shots from the other day, like maybe he had a headache or something. Or, with Ant being sick the past couple days (he did go to work today, though), Harry could be coming down with something.

Okay, time to clean the condo. I majorly slacked off over the weekend and with everything going on last night I didn't get anything done. We also threw our dinner plans out the window and just got Panera last night. Normally I'd be mad since we'd been doing so well, but there was no way I could have cooked anything last night!

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