Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meal Planning

Dinner at our house used to look a lot like this.

Me: "What do you want for dinner?"
Ant: "Ohhh I don't know, maybe spaghetti?"
Me: "Okay, but we don't have any sauce. Can you go get some while I start the pasta?'
Ant "Uggh, if I have to go out I might as well pick up Qdoba instead."

We're not always prepared for dinner. Which is one of the reasons we were eating out so much at the beginning of the year. We did well with limiting ourselves to once a week for a while, but slowly we were getting back to our old habits.

About a month ago I Pinned this meal planner I found and got to work on my own.

Pin It

It's completely different from the one I saw originally, but the idea is the same. I thought to use a chalkboard (the same one from our DIY maternity photo shoot) so I don't have to make little tags every time I come up with a new entree.

For our meal planning board I just painted the chalkboard blue, varnished it and then added flowers and metal jewelry findings I had in my craft supplies. I adhered the ribbon with my glue gun and hung it on a 3M hook. A super easy and useful craft!

We've had the meal planner up for about three weeks now and we've stuck to it. It has also really helped with our grocery shopping so we get enough food for the week and don't have to go out.

And speaking of spaghetti, look what was on the meal planner for last night, before I updated it with this week's meals.

Last night was the first time I roasted cauliflower. I've only made it once before, and that time I steamed it. Before putting the cauliflower in the oven I tossed it in a bowl with a few spritzes of PAM Olive Oil (love that stuff!), garlic, oregano black pepper and Parmesan cheese. I put it in the oven at 450° for 15 minutes and then turned the broiler on for another couple minutes. Yum!

And just for fun I want to share a picture that I didn't know was on my camera until I uploaded the other two pictures in this post.

Ant does this to me all the time. He takes pictures with my camera and doesn't tell me. I like getting these little surprises on my camera! He had to have taken this picture right after his morning bottle since I slept through it yesterday. Cute :).

With Harry drinking six bottles a day Ant will usually feed him one or two, which helps me a lot. But, Ant is sick right now so I'll be doing all the feedings for the next couple days. With minimizing their contact hopefully Harry won't get sick. I hope I don't either! I felt a little sick last week but it didn't turn in to anything, thank goodness.

Oh, and I just wanted to make note (mainly for my records) that I switched out all Harry's three month clothes yesterday, ahhh! The six month onesies and pants are still a little big on him, but we've got so much stuff in that size I want to make sure he wears it all before outgrowing it.

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