Friday, March 30, 2012

Let's Talk About Poop (Baby)

Specifically, Harry's poop. Until recently he's always been a very consistent pooper. He averaged one number two a day, sometimes every other day. The consistency had always been about the same (I'll spare you the details).

But ever since Harry's last round of vaccines almost two weeks ago he's been having diarrhea. The nurse who administered his shots told me that watery stools were a common side effect and was nothing to worry about. Then he got sick and I read online that diarrhea can be a side effect of a cold in babies.

But here we are, however many days later and he's still having this problem. And it's getting worse. For the first week it was about once a day. And then twice a day. Today we've had three episodes, one of which was a "poopsplosion." Poor kiddo.

After round two yesterday we called our pediatrician's office. The nurse we spoke with wasn't too concerned because he's not in any pain when he poops and there's no blood or mucus in it. She wasn't too sure what could be causing it (since the vaccine was so long ago it's a highly unlikely culprit), but she did recommend we pick up some Florastor.

Florastor is a probiotic that's supposed to help regulate people. According to their website it's approved for infants as young as two months old. They do make a flavored kid's kind, but the website said you could just open a regular capsule and pour the powder in to a bottle.

The stuff is expensive ($50 for that little jar!), so it better work. You can find it cheaper online, but we bought it at CVS since we needed it right away.

I gave Harry one capsule already and he drank it without any problems. I'll give him one more before he goes to bed tonight. You can take up to four a day, but we'll try two a day for now to see if that makes any improvements. I'll be sure to update you guys on Harry's situation.

If any mom's out there have given their babies Florastor (or any probiotic) I'd love to hear how it went for you!

And here's a cute picture of Harry sleeping last night.

His finger was like that for a while, I kept going back in to check on it :).

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