Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harry's Newest Tricks

Harry is at such a fun age; he's still not mobile and is learning new things every day.

His new favorite thing to do is stand.

Baby boy just loves it! We've been doing it for a couple weeks now, but just in the last few days has he really started to enjoy it. He's perfectly content just standing for like 20 minutes at a time. I kind of have a feeling he'll be one of those kids that skips crawling all together and will just start walking one day. We shall see!

He is also now smiling on command, which is very convenient for this (aspiring) momtographer.

When ever I'm taking pictures of him I'll say, "Harry, smile!" And he will! He won't do it if I'm not using my DSLR, so I'm pretty convinced he knows what I'm talking about. MY BABY'S A GENIUS!

Annnnd, obviously I changed my header last night. I went around our neighborhood and snapped a few pictures yesterday. Not sure if I love it, so I might change it again. I also need to change my post dividers. Advanced apologies if it changes a bagillion times over the next few days.

Oh, and here's a random thought for you. What year is the new American Pie movie taking place in? The first movie came out in 1999 (!!!), and now their  class reunion is taking place in 2012? Odd. I wonder if the movie is actually going to take place in 2009, which would make more sense with the timeline of the series. If you see the movie, let me know. I doubt we'll see it until it comes out on DVD.

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