Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY Basket Divider

On Harry's changing table we have a little basket that holds his lotions, creams, combs, thermometers, etc.

It serves it's purpose well, but there's so much crap in it I sometimes have a hard time fishing out what I need. So the other day I made a divider to put in the basket.

Making the divider was super simple, the only things you need are your basket, some plastic canvas (I picked two sheets up at the craft store for just over a dollar) and scissors.

First, decide how many compartments you want. I decided six would be enough so I cut two pieces of canvas to fit the width of the basket and one to fit the length. If you want nine compartments, cut two of each.

When you have all the pieces cut, count how many squares across length wise the shorter pieces are and mark the middle with a dry erase marker. From there, count the squares across width wise and mark the middle. Do the same with the longer piece, but do it in thirds length wise.

 After marking everything, cut from mark to mark on all pieces.

When everything is cut, interlock the pieces so they look like this.

That's it!

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A super simple and inexpensive way to organize a basket. I will say, it's not the most sturdy divider. If you make a nine compartment divider it would be sturdier.

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  1. Little miss crafty- I love your simple yet crafty post like this :)


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