Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chicken In A Bag

Before I get to dinner, I have to share a couple pictures I took of Harry on Sunday.

I was organizing his clothes and I found the hat he was given in the hospital. Awwwwwww. All of his three month sleepers are put away now and I brought out the rest of his six month ones for him to wear. He still fits just fine in three month onesies and pants though, so strange!

Okay, on to last night's dinner. The other week I picked up a a Knorr Roasters seasoning blend to try.

Preparing the chicken was really easy. The mix is meant for five chicken breasts, but I only made two and used about three quarters of the seasoning.

That was way too much seasoning for just two breasts. Next time I'll do about half. The flavor was nice though, just a bit strong for my taste. I also used a new kind of chicken. We've always used Tyson, but last time Ant went to the store he bought Purdue individually wrapped breasts. The quality was excellent, so I think we'll be buying those from now on!

Gotta run, I've got another blood pressure check at my doctor's this morning. Since my last appointment she increased the dosage of my medicine (I went from half a pill a day to a full pill), but I don't think it's really helped. I have a feeling she'll change it up on me again, either to two pills a day or maybe an entirely different medication. We shall see!

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