Friday, February 3, 2012

Top Model

In 2006 I had the opportunity to model for a local magazine in Columbia, Missouri. I went to school with a girl who interned with the magazine and was writing a fashion article about jeans. I got to go around to a few different stores with a personal shopper to find a pair for the shoot. It was a pretty low budget shoot and everything else I wore was my own. I even had to do my own hair and makeup! And no, I didn't get to keep the jeans, I don't even remember what brand they were.

Gah, I wish I was that skinny still! And I wish my hair was still that color. That's my natural hair color and I love it. But alas, I have to dye it now because I started going grey at 22... blerg.


  1. awesome! I modeled a little back in the day too. :) You look wonderful!

    1. Thanks Katie! I'd love to see some of your modeling photos, I bet they're amazing since you're so pretty!


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