Saturday, February 25, 2012

So This Is What We Did Last Night

A few weeks ago I challenged Ant to drink a pop out of a baby bottle. Last night he finally took me up on the challenge. I took a little sip, and dang, it was hard! I went to sleep before he finished it but Ant claims to have drank the whole thing through the nipple. We're all kinds of special!

Aside from Coke Zero baby bottles, I also enjoyed a half a glass of Sofia Riesling from the Francis Ford Coppola winery. Fitting for Oscar weekend, no?

I bought it mainly because I love the bottle so much. I'm thinking of painting it and turning it in to some sort of vase. Off to Pinterest to find some ideas! The wine itself was okay, I didn't drink it chilled which might account for why I didn't enjoy it as much as some other Rieslings I've tried.

This afternoon I ran a couple errands and managed to find my way in to Home Goods... I love that store! The one by us is actually a TJ Maxx/Home Goods, so the selection isn't as good as a dedicated Home Goods, but I still had fun looking around. I ended up buying some dried branch/twig/leaf stuff to go in the blue and white urn shown in the above picture. I also found a little yellow dish to go on the shelf as well. I'll try and remember to share a photo soon.

I've been in a total decorating mood lately. Which is fun, but bad for my wallet!

And I can't leave a blog post with out at least one picture of Harry.

He was none too thrilled about slipping down his Boppy.

And in case I don't post tomorrow, I just wanted to say that my pregnancy started exactly one year ago! Yep, February 26, 2011 was the day! I wasn't physically pregnant for a few more weeks, but it was the start of "my cycle," haha. The way pregnancies are calculated is strange, and I didn't fully understand it until I was well in to mine. I think I'll be more excited on the one year anniversary of taking my pregnancy test, March 28th. Hard to believe we found out about Harry nearly a year ago!

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