Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Fashion Roundup

Welcome to my last awards show post of the season! I believe the Emmys are next, and those aren't until August or September.

Check out my other fashion roundups from this awards season.

Golden Globes
Screen Actors Guild Awards


Gwyneth Paltrow

Hands down my favorite look of the night. The dress by itself was beautiful, but the cape just added so much elegance. And what girl wouldn't want to wear a four inch wide diamond bracelet? Gwyneth took a huge risk with this one and it paid off big time!

Natalie Portman

Even though I hate don't care for strapless dresses, one always seems to wind up on my Best Dressed list. I really loved the vintage silhouette of this polka dot dress. Natalie's chunky diamond necklace covers up her decolletage nicely, which is why I liked this look. Her makeup was flawless as well. 

Shailene Woodley

I don't think this one will be on many Best Dressed lists, but I loved it! Shailene's look was very sweet and romantic without being overtly sexy. I would have liked the sleeves to be a little tighter and maybe half an inch shorter.

Kelly Osbourne

For the third straight awards show Kelly has landed on my Best Dressed list, way to go gurrrl! This dress fit her like a glove and the sleeves are very whimsical and fun. I also loved her side swept purple hair. I really hope they give her props on Fashion Police tonight; her dresses haven't been mentioned at all on the show and she totally deserves it (I Tweeted her about it!)

Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana Rancic - 84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals 

The E! ladies were on fire last night! G's looks this season haven't been my favorite, but she more than made up for her misses with this dress. I didn't like the sheer panel on her chest, but the dress would fall apart without it, so I'll let it slide. Her hair also should have been less severe, but in general, I really loved this look.

Worst Dressed

Melissa Leo
Just because a polo shirt has gold sequins on it doesn't make it appropriate Oscars attire. This dress just kind of hung off of Melissa, it did nothing for her figure. Bad, bad, bad!

Sandra Bullock

Another ill fitting dress. Such a shame because Sandra usually looks beautiful. The top of this dress was way too baggy for Sandy's small frame and the appliques around her waist and shoulders were very outdated. If I'd styled her, I would have kept her hair around her face as well.
Emma Stone

This was such a disappointment. Emma has been looking great all season but this just didn't do anything for me. Not only did I not like the huge bow around her neck, it was kind of a knockoff of a dress Nicole Kidman wore a few years ago (apparently I'm not the only one who thought that, see a comparison here).
Rooney Mara

I don't like Rooney Mara's style, so it came as no surprise that I didn't like her dress last night. I just wanted to take her straps and pull them up three inches. The way the dress fit her it looked like her boobs were really droopy, when obviously they're not. GAH, those faux saggy boobs are so distracting!

I ended up winning our Oscar ballot. All three of us filled one out. For Harry's I just read off the nominees and which ever one he cooed at was the one we picked for him. I really thought he was going to beat us both, but he ended up coming in third. Apparently watching a few of the nominated movies does help!


  1. I agree with most of these but would probably flip flop Rooney Mara and Shailene Woodley. :) Definitely one of the better Oscars this year!

    1. That's what they all said on Fashion Police last night too, they liked Rooney but thought Shailene's dress was too old for her. :)


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