Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mr. Smiley Pants & Such

I don't think he could be any cuter! Harry was in a great mood this morning and wouldn't stop smiling and talking to me. I think he's even starting to giggle a little. He is definitely a "morning person," which is weird because neither Ant or I are. Here are a few more pictures I took today.

 Harry also recently discovered his hands and they are in his mouth all the time!

Updates On Me
 The other day I finally managed to get to the salon for a haircut. It's a bit shorter than I would have liked, but the ends really needed to get chopped off. I also got my layers evened up so there's not so much length between them. I like the look I had before but it looked bad when I didn't do my hair, which is way more often than not these days.

I made a doctor's appointment for myself today. I'm going in on Tuesday to see a general practitioner about my blood pressure. I'm still taking the medication I was prescribed during my pregnancy but I haven't taken my blood pressure in a while. I should probably start doing that again so I can bring some numbers with me. I'm pretty positive I have pregnancy-induced chronic hypertension and I'm really hoping that I'll get put on a medication I only have to take once a day. I often have to get out of bed to take my pill because I'll forget.

Annnnd, I thought I could come up with at least three things about me to update on, but nope. I'm that boring. Oh well, I don't mind!

Walgreens Rant
We've got a Walgreens literally a quarter mile from our house. When it's nice out I like to walk over there if I need something. While I don't think Walgreens' print quality is the greatest, that's where I print out all my pictures since it's so convenient.  The Walgreens website used to have an option where you could print "digital size" photos. The "digital size" is 4''x5.3'' or something, so a bit shorter than your typical 4''x6''. That doesn't work well for picture frames but is great for scrapbooking and stuff since none of the image gets cropped out.

The "digital size" photos print out on a matte photo paper as opposed to the glossy paper regular prints are printed on. I much prefer the matte photos to the glossy, they're more true to color I think. DSLRs take pictures in 4''x6'' dimensions, but I've cropped them to "digital size" and they've printed on the matte paper. A little more work, but worth it in my opinion.

So this morning I printed out five photos for Harry's baby book. Most were from my DSLR and cropped to the "digital size," but one was actually taken with a point and shoot camera. All of the pictures were printed at 4''x6'' on the glossy paper. UGGH!

When stuff like that doesn't match it drives me nuts. Case in point: the other week I broke one of our salad plates. I had a replacement ordered within 15 minutes because I couldn't stand the thought of having only seven salad plates when I have eight of everything else. I know, I'm literally nuts. Soooo, having some glossy and some matte photos in Harry's baby book isn't sitting well with me.

So, Walgreens, bring back the "digital size," they're the best! Or, print your traditional size prints on matte paper.

That is all.

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