Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm The Mom Of The Year

So, I redid my blog again, obviously. I think it'll stay like this for a while. Maybe a few more random changes, but nothing major.

My life is super boring these days. Ugh. I mean, I totally love hanging out with Harry every day but it doesn't make for very exciting blog posts. But as you can see, he's just getting cuter and cuter every day, despite the case of cradle cap in between his eyebrows. I just want to take some apricot scrub to his face and get rid of it, but I'll refrain.

Ohhh, annnnd the other night I put Harry in his crib longways instead of shortways, and he didn't rotate! I did it again last night and he stayed put, so I guess he likes sleeping the normal way better. Ohhhhhhh, annnnnnnnnd I think we're finally down to six bottles a day. A while back I mentioned how I was trying to get him to do this. It initially didn't go so well but Harry only asked for six bottles on Tuesday and then yesterday I gave him more formula at each feeding and he only ate six again, yay!

Mom of the Year
I'll take my award now, thanks.

Nice photo bomb, Pearl

Kiddo loves watching TV. He likes anything that glows, so the TV is right up his alley. Great. If that doesn't get me the award, let me present exhibit B.

Don't mess with her baby! I actually just caught Pearl mid-yawn, but it totally looks like she's about to flip a bitch on someone.

I'll be anxiously awaiting for my award to arrive!


  1. So I just started my own blog and was searching for other mommy blogs to follow (lurking on the December 2011 board on the bump!) and just had to comment on your post to say thank you for not making me feel like the only mother who will let their baby sit in front of the TV! They really do love anything that glows!

  2. We try not to do it too often, but it is one of the things that calm him down!

  3. Your photo commentary has me cracking up. :)

  4. This post has me laughing out loud! SO funny! Of course, your trip to the zoo and those pesky diapers jumping out of the d-bag was gave me a belly ache too. :)


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