Monday, February 6, 2012

Harry's Unhealthy Obsession

With his changing table.

Seriously, he is obsessed with it. Whenever he's fussy in between feedings we'll put him on the changing table and he'll happy up almost immediately. He'll kick his legs around and smile and coo. He's probably the most talkative when he's on his changing table. Harry will spend nearly an hour just chillin' on it.

We've tried to figure out why he loves it so much, but we just can't. At first I thought it was because it's right by a window so Harry can look outside during the day. We do close the blinds at night and he still has the same squeeeeilovemylife reactions. So, who knows why he loves it so much.

I told Ant we need to put some chain link fence around it so we can just leave him on the table for a couple hours, ha! I'm glad Harry has a place that makes him so happy but I'm nervous that he's going to become too attached to it. It's better than having a screaming baby, though!

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