Friday, February 17, 2012

Harry's Birth Announcements

I've started crafting again! I used to post all my crafty stuff at my other blog, La Georgia Paperie, but it's a lot of work keeping up with two blogs so I decided to start posting the crafty stuff here. Obviously I'm not able to craft as often as I did before having Harry, but the few times I've been able to get my creative juices flowing have been great.

I'm currently working on some Save the Date cards for a friend from college and Harry was so sweet this afternoon and actually let me work for about an hour. I initially put him in his crib, but he didn't like that too much, so this is where he hung out.

Whatever works, right?

Birth Announcements
I didn't send out very many birth announcements. I had big plans to do all sorts of things with my Cricut for the announcements but when it came time to make them all I wanted to do was cuddle with my baby, so I simplified them a lot. But, I think they still turned out nice.

The "it's a boy" charms are from Michaels. And the picture I used was my favorite from our newborn photo shoot. It's so crazy looking back at those photos and seeing how much he's grown!

Oh, and no Flashback Friday this week. I forgot to go through my photos and pick something, whoops! Hopefully I'll have something ready for next week.


  1. The birth announcements are so sweet! I think keeping things simple is the best I made birth announcements with my second son and it tuned into such a saga, I was wondering if I would every By the end I was really upset that I even started the whole thing!!
    You both look wonderful, enjoy this precious time your life :)

    1. I totally know what you mean about it turning in to a saga, I think I only ended up making 20ish, even though I should have made 40+ to send out. Oops :).


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