Sunday, February 19, 2012

Garfield Park Conservatory

We had a fun filled day yesterday! A few weeks ago my friend Tracy told me about the Garfield Park Conservatory and I've been wanting to visit ever since.

After a measly 11 hours of sleep (!!!!!!!!), Harry woke up at 10am (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and we first headed to Oak Park for some lunch.

Ant found the Prairie Bread Kitchen online and thought it would be a perfect spot for some lunch. We both ordered sandwiches that were super yummy!

On our way back to the car we stopped by the Bleeding Heart Bakery for some cupcakes.

I got a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and Ant opted for the chocolate with raspberry frosting. So yummy! I love cupcakes that aren't very sweet, and the Bleeding Heart's had just the right amount of sugar. After we finished our cuppycakes we hopped back in the car and drove to the conservatory.

Wow, the conservatory was beautiful! If you're ever in Chicago I would highly recommend putting the conservatory on your to-do list. It is operated by the Chicago Park District and admission is free. Basically, the Garfield Park Conservatory is a gigantic green house. There are five or six rooms, each with a different theme. Our favorite was the desert room, which featured a wide variety of cactuses cacti.

I felt like a total dope for not bringing my new DSLR camera with me. I thought about it but didn't want the hassle of carrying my diaper bag and camera bag so I just brought my point and shoot. Nearly every other visitor had a DSLR, so if you have one, definitely bring it!

After we were done at the conservatory we headed in to the Loop. It was a nice day out so we walked around and eventually strolled in to the French Market. I had heard of this place but hadn't been there before. I was soooo tempted by all the yummy gourmet food but I was good and didn't get anything.

Our walk led us to Ant's office, who was excited to show off Harry to some of his coworkers.

The Ron Swanson bobble head doll was part of our Valentine's gift for Ant, he had been wanting it for his desk.

After we were done at Ant's work we headed home. Per what has become usual, Harry was a very good boy all day. He really didn't fuss once! I still don't know how we got so lucky with such an easy baby. And you guys know we'll be blessed with a spirited child the second child around :).

And moms don't forget, Carter's is having their BOGO free sale right now! We're planning on heading there later today. I've got a Carter's gift card that had been burning a hole in my wallet for a while now.

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  1. thats awesome lindsey. I went to the grover conservatory back in 2002ish and they had a chihuly art installation that involved giant glass sculptures placed among all the plants it was amazing.


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