Friday, February 24, 2012

First Time Cooking Seafood

Instead of a bath Wednesday night I took Harry in the shower with me. I was a little nervous, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Harry was definitely intrigued by the whole thing and didn't seem to mind getting water in his face. I'll probably take him in the shower once every couple weeks since he really does enjoy taking baths, but I liked having the skin to skin contact with him.

Here's my little stinker hanging out yesterday. 

Yesterday was Harry's first full day in size two diapers. I ended up buying another pack of ones because I didn't want to believe he was getting bigger; I was putting him in twos at night though. The twos are still big on him so he should be in them for a few months. And he is still sucking on his thumb. He loves that thing! He is also now grabbing at the toys on his playmat and loves to stare at himself in the mirror. My lil' guy is growing up so fast!

Seafood Suppah
I don't like seafood. Except tuna fish sandwiches;  I love their uber fishy taste.  When we were at Target on Monday Ant saw the Monterey Pasta Lobster Ravioli and just had to try it. Oddly enough, Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers featured the pasta on her blog yesterday.

Last night I made the ravioli for Ant. Since I didn't think I'd like it I just made Kraft Dinner for myself.

Ant said he really enjoyed the pasta. Just don't get used to it Antie-poo... making two meals is too much work for this mama!

I made the largestzucchiniever as a side for both our dishes. I prepared it a bit differently last night and seasoned the zucchini with Italian seasoning instead of just oregano. Don't think I'll do that again, I didn't care for the flavor as much.

And uggh, I just realized today is Flashback Friday! I usually work on those posts in the evening and this week I've been working on the Save the Date cards I told you guys about. Oops! I will try my hardest to get Flashback Fridays up and running again next week.


  1. First your food pictures are making me hungryyy! Yummo! Second- I love reading what harry is doing now days. He was born a few weeks before Liam so it gets me excited to think I should be seeing similiar stuff soon. Glad the shower worked out well too... we have go in the bath tub together like 4 times now and I love the skin-to-skin. Us FF momma's miss out on that so anytime I get a chance to get skin-to-skin I adore it!

  2. Hehe Harry is such a doll! I agree with Haley. I love seeing what Harry is up to. Seems like William is right up there with him with that thumb sucking!


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