Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Few New Things

This morning we did a bit of redecorating and reorganizing. I recently ordered a Keurig K-Cup organizer and it arrived today. I was excited to set it up!

LOVE it! The description on Amazon says the drawer can hold 36 K-Cups, but if you put in every other K-Cup upside down it can actually hold 42.

Last week I mentioned how Ant bought me some wall plaques. I finished painting them the other day and this morning Ant and I hung them up.

I'm really pleased with how they turned out! Before I painted them black they were like a cherry wood color. Pretty, but they didn't match. Speaking of not matching, I would love to paint the TV stand we have the printer on. Either that or replace it with something like this (hint hint, Antie-poo!).

And there's one more new thing at our house.

Harry can now fit in six month clothes! Well, they're still a bit big, but his three month stuff is getting tighter and tighter each day. My aunt bought him this cute outfit for Valentine's Day.

Oh, and I caught him sucking on his thumb this afternoon.

Grrrr. Neither Ant or I were thumb suckers, so I hope Harry didn't mysteriously inherit the thumb sucking gene.

Alright, off to get dinner started. I'm making lemon chicken tonight!

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  1. Love the new stuff! We had a Keurig, but it never worked properly so we ended up going back to a regular coffee pot. I love that organizer, though. We had the carousel thing and it was so nice to have a place for them.

    The wall plaques look great and Harry is looking cute as ever!


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