Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dining Out

Harry has been quite the local traveler this week! Last night Ant and I took him to one of our favorite restaurants, Labriola. He did really well!

Harry's car seat fit perfectly in an upside down highchair, much nicer than having him on the floor the entire time. He loved looking around at everything and even got a couple compliments from other patrons about how cute he is. Towards the end of our meal he started fussing so we just fed him a bottle and he was good to go.

If you're ever in the Oakbrook, Illinois area, I highly recommend Labriola. I'm really surprised they haven't opened other locations because the one does such gang buster business- it's always crowded in there!

Along with their traditional menu items, Labriola has a bakery and gelato bar. So yummy! After we were done with dinner we stopped at Buy Buy Baby for a few essentials.

I'm so glad we're feeling more comfortable taking Harry places. We don't want to do it too often yet, but it was so awesome to go to an actual restaurant. The last time we did that was when Harry was still in the NICU!

Oh, and we switched Harry  to the medium flow nipples. Lately he's been fussing during his feedings and wouldn't always finish them. I could tell he was struggling so I gave him a medium flow nipple yesterday and he finished four ounces of formula in about ten minutes. With the slow flow it's been taking upwards of an hour sometimes. Clearly I made the right decision, just wish I would have figured that out sooner.

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