Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Updated Playtex Drop-Ins Review

We've been using the Playtex Drop-Ins bottle system for about a month and a half now. We're still really happy with the system, but I do have an update to share.

We've switched from using the Drop-Ins liners to the standard liners as a way to save money. I've never seen the standard liners for sale in stores, but they do sell them on Amazon. Here are some pros and cons with the standard liners.

-Price: The standard eight ounce liners cost about four cents each, compared to ten cents each with the Drop-Ins kind.
-Packaging: These liners come in a roll packaged in a box. The back of the box has a cut out so you can easily reach in, grab a liner and tear it off of the roll. The box is about a quarter of the size of the Drop-Ins box, so it saves room on our counter tops, too!
-Less Spit Up: Since switching to the standard liners I've noticed Harry spits up less. I don't know if it really has anything to do with them or if it's just because his stomach is maturing and able to digest formula better, but I'll take it!

-Thin Plastic: The plastic used on the standard liners is a lot thinner than the Drop-Ins. Just making a bottle at home is no problem, but I'm scared something could puncture the liner when I pack the bottles in my diaper bag. I purchased a box of the Drop-Ins that we use on the go.
-Tricky to Insert: With the Drop-Ins you literally just drop the liner in to the bottle and then fill it with formula. The standard liners are a bit more difficult, and you definitely need two hands to put them in.
-Size/Measurements: Right now we're giving Harry three to four ounces per feeding. The standard liners are supposed to hold eight ounces, but we always fill up over half the liners. I'm thinking we'll be able to use them until he's eating about six ounces.

And just because, here's a cute picture I snapped on my phone last week.

Who sleeps with their glasses on? :)

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