Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shopping Excursion

All week I was gearing up for today. The last time I left Harry for longer than an hour was way back at the beginning of December, so I was due for an afternoon alone. I chose to spend it grocery shopping! How exciting, right? Ant usually does the shopping so I was actually thrilled to get out of the house and hit up Super Target. I spent a little more money than Ant wanted me to, but it totally evens out since we're not eating out more than once a week anymore.

After my shopping trip I went home, picked up Harry and headed over to my dad's house. My car alerted me that my tire pressure was low so my dad pumped them up for me.

Photo Dump
And for your viewing pleasure, here are a few pictures. Harry's baby book has a spot for a winter picture so I thought this morning would be the perfect time to take one with all the snow we got yesterday. Isn't his little snowsuit adorable?

Ant's diaper bag somehow ended up on our glider. But that didn't deter Pearl from hanging out; it's one of her favorite places to sleep. Ant took this picture when I was out shopping.

And here's a selfie. Taken with my new Lightscoop, of course.


  1. We have that snow suit too! I hope it works well, although I have a feeling we wont be getting any snow this


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