Sunday, January 15, 2012

Picture Frame Redo

Here's Harry playing on his play mat yesterday.

He loves looking at all the colors. And here is he later on last night.

Poor kid has a tendency to poop when he eats. And then he'll spit up when he gets changed. It's a never ending cycle!

A Little Redecorating 
Our walls finally know we have a little boy! Yesterday I printed out a few pictures and put them up on our wall.

I switched out three wedding pictures for a picture from our maternity photo shoot and two from Harry's newborn session. I also put a picture from our hospital photo shoot in a frame in Harry's room. I want to get a few frames to put in our room as well.

I'm now watching the Golden Globes Red Carpet show on E!. I have to say, the fashions are very underwhelming this year. Earlier this afternoon Ant and I filled out our ballots for the GGs. We've been filling out ballots for award shows for years, and this year Harry "filled" one out as well. I'll let you guys know who wins!

Tonight I would love to see Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family win. I love that show and his character is my favorite. I'm also rooting for Octavia Spencer from The Help in the Best Supporting Actress category. The Help was one of my favorite movies from last year and her performance was incredible.

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