Friday, January 13, 2012

Magnolia Bakery

Here's what the snow looked like this morning.

I definitely expected there to be more snow, but thank goodness there isn't, I can't stand the stuff. Now it's just really cold. I think the weather report said it was going to get below zero tonight. We've decided not to take Harry to a restaurant for dinner and we'll probably order in tonight; our one night of the week we can eat out.

And here are today's obligatory pictures of Harry.The onesie and camo pants are both by Garanimals (thanks, Uncle Mitch and Nikky!).

And my new favorite photo...

Look at that chinny chin chin!

Magnolia Cupcakes
Ant and I love trying cupcakes from all the wonderful bakeries in Chicago. Our newest find is the Magnolia Bakery. I'm not exactly sure when their Chicago location opened, but it wasn't that long ago. Ant picked up a half dozen cupcakes for us to try.

So far I tried the purple one, which was vanilla with vanilla frosting. It was tasty! The frosting was a bit thick for my taste so I ended up scraping some off, something I have to do with most cupcakes. I tend to judge bakeries on their red velvet cupcakes, so I can't yet say where Magnolia ranks. I'll probably have the RV for dessert tonight. Out of the handful of bakeries we've tried, Sprinkles' wins hands down. Remember when we made homemade Sprinkles cupcakes last summer? I'll let you guys know how the Magnolia red velvet measures up!

One more thing... I revamped my Twitter. You can follow me here if you're interested. I was thinking about making a TAW Facebook page too but I'm still thinking that one over.

Question of the day:
What are your favorite kind of cupcakes?

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