Monday, January 2, 2012

I Should Be Sleeping...

Stock photos of a happy Harry

It's past 2:45am and Harry is being a big fussy butt tonight (this morning?). I've been wanting to do a post about our bedtime routine, but in the meantime, he usually goes down for the night around 1am so this suuuucks. He has been crying almost nonstop since I fed him what was supposed to be his last bottle of the day around midnight. After trying every trick in the book I thought maybe he was still hungry and fed him another small bottle. It.didn'

I put him in the pack n' play about 15 minutes ago and I think he's finally starting to calm down. Although I've been back and forth a few times to give him back the paci he spit out. Hopefully I can now get to bed, after a very unproductive evening. Usually after I put H-man down I am able to do some housework for an hour or so; I was planing on working on his birth announcements tonight, but that obviously didn't happen.

The kid better sleep until like 10am, he owes me one :).

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