Monday, January 23, 2012

Harry's 11 Week Check Up

Mr. Happy and Healthy!

We made it to our doctor's appointment this morning after rescheduling it due to last Friday's snowstorm. Harry currently weighs 11 pounds 11 ounces (50th percentile) and is 23.75 inches long (75th percentile). He has officially doubled his birth weight!

Today we saw our original pediatrician (last month we saw the other doctor in the practice) and he said we shouldn't be concerned that he still isn't smiling and being interactive yet. He thinks we definitely should go by his adjusted age (based on his due date), so that would make him seven weeks old. That made me so much more comfortable with the way Harry is developing. The other doctor seemed to think we didn't need to adjust his age by much. He was also really happy that I've been putting Harry in his crib while he's still awake at night. Apparently that's the recommended way to do it? I had no idea about that, it's just what I've always done!

Harry also had to get three vaccines today: DTaP, Polio and Rotavirus. The Rotavirus vaccine was an oral medication that he seemed to enjoy taking! The nurse said it had some type of fruity flavoring in it. He of course hated getting the two shots and screamed a lot but was fine a few minutes after they were over.

Our next appointment is in a month and he'll be getting another vaccine then.

Happy Endings
Do any of you guys watch Happy Endings? Ant and I just started getting in to it. We went back and watched it from the beginning and are now a couple episodes in to season two. It's really funny! If you know the premise of Friends, you know the premise of Happy Endings. Except Joey is gay and Chandler isn't white. 

Oh, and tomorrow's mah birthday!

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