Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Little Shopper

How cute is this outfit?

Yesterday morning the boys and I headed out to Target to pick up a few things. Before having Harry I never realized how much time it takes to get ready to go out with a baby. I can't just get up and go anymore! I have to make sure the diaper bag is fully stocked, that Harry has the appropriate clothes on for the weather and that he's fed and changed before leaving. It takes a lot to get us out the door these days!

Anyways, we did make it to Target and Harry was content the entire time. Every time we've gone shopping he's just slept in his carrier. Yesterday, however, he was wide awake and alert the whole time. He kept staring at the lights on the ceiling, for some reason they fascinated him. I hadn't been to the store in what seemed like forever so we putzed around for a while before heading home.

Harry is quite the little traveler this week. Tonight we're going over to my dad's house to watch Modern Family and do laundry. Our condo raised the price of laundry so I'm thinking we'll be over there a lot taking advantage of their free machines :).

Dinner last night was a fun one. Ant had a craving for Chicago-style pizza so we ordered some Lou Malnati's. I don't think I'd ever had their deep dish before. I grew up eating Uno's and Gino's East. Lou's was pretty good, I ordered an individual size pizza with garlic and mushrooms.

While Ant went to pick up the pizza I burned cooked up some zucchini with garlic and oregano.

I actually did kind of burn it. But, it tasted good, so I guess I'll have to purposely burn it next time!


  1. Just wait until you have 2 kids to get out the door! Yea, it takes us FOREVER to get out of the house anymore. We had a pretty good routine with Colby, but now it's just hard.

  2. Lucas has that EXACT same outfit and he's wearing it right now. When he wakes up I'll have to take a picture of it so we can compare our little guys. :)


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