Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eating Too Much?

This is the definition of CUTE!

He's getting so big! And his hair growing back in which is nice, but I'm surprised at how dark it still is! Other than the hair he doesn't look much like he did when he was first born back in November.

I hated seeing the tube up his nose!

We've come a long way since those days in the NICU. I'm willing to bet Harry will be double his birth weight at his doctor's appointment on Friday. As you guys know he's doing great and is eating like a champ. He's been oddly consistent about eating seven times a day since four or five weeks old. According to some literature I have from Similac, babies Harry's age shouldn't be eating quite so frequently. To try and eliminate a meal or two I'm going to increase the amount of formula he gets at each feeding. Cross your fingers it works for us!

New Comments Section
I've always hated the comments section on Blogger. For some reason you've never been able to reply to a specific comment, making it difficult and confusing. Blogger finally got the hint and added that handy dandy little feature. Soooo, leave me a comment! Even if you don't have a Blogger account you can still comment on Blogger blogs, so no excuses :). Now, if only they would add emoticons so my smiley faces don't look like old school text messages. 


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    1. Thanks Katie, Coraline is so cute too! And I love your new tattoo, it looks great!


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