Friday, January 27, 2012

Dorm Livin'

Welcome to another Flashback Friday! After going through all my photos for my 27 Years post and last week's Flashback Friday, I have came across tons of pictures I can't wait to share.

This week we're revisiting 2003-2005 when I lived in Pillsbury and Roblee Halls at Stephens College. Not that I've seen a whole bunch of dorm rooms, but I've never seen bigger dorm rooms than the ones at Stephens College, and I didn't ever have a roommate, either! Here's my freshman year dorm.

My senior year of high school I did an overnight tour of Stephens and got to spend the night in the dorms. After seeing how huge the corner rooms in Pillsbury Hall were, I requested one when it was time for me to fill out my housing application. I ended up rearranging and putting my two (!) desks where the bed is in this picture. To further brag, I also had a bathroom all to myself!

My sophomore year I moved to Roblee and was an RA, so I automatically got my own room with another private bathroom.

A few things to point out: yes, those are George W. Bush campaign posters, which I kept up all year long to block people from seeing in my room (my room was right above the entrance). And no, I didn't really like the movie Gigli. In fact, I've never seen it, I just wanted to be ironic (gag). Oh, and as a 19 year old RA I was such a good influence on my residents with my little collection of alcohol bottles.

Lots of fun memories in those rooms! My junior year I was the RD of a different dorm and had a little apartment in the dorm, but I don't have any pictures of it. My senior year I moved off campus in to a cute townhouse but I don't have pictures of that either.

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