Saturday, January 28, 2012

Don't Let Your Hubby Dress Your Baby

He will put your baby in a Halloween costume, in the middle of January.

And then he'll do this.


OUAC Clearance Sale
Today we went to Once Upon A Child to take advantage of their mega clearance sale. All their clearance stuff was $1 each! It was kind of picked over, but we managed to get 12 or 13 things for Harry.

Since the store is always crowded I decided to wear my Moby Wrap instead of bring him in the stroller. I've worn it a few times at home but never for very long. I think the Moby is hard to put on and I don't feel like Harry is very secure in it so I've been looking at other baby carriers. I would love an Ergo or Beco carrier, but the $100+ price tags aren't really in my budget. I was hoping to find one at OUAC today, but they only had Snugli and Infantino carriers. I hadn't heard of either, but I picked out a black Snugli for $25.

I think I'll like it, hopefully it will work for us.

And after looking at this picture I've come to the conclusion that I should cut a good four or five inches off my hair. It's looking a bit weighted down and stringy. I'm definitely due for a haircut, the last time I got one was back in October. Putting that on my to-do list for the week!

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  1. A) That outfit is an homage to "Scrubs." and B) I put it on over the pants as a joke.


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