Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bath Time

I liked the Magnolia's red velvet cupcake! Still not as good as Sprinkles' RV, but a solid choice.

Before having Harry I was under the impression that all babies hated bath time. I don't know if that's just an urban legend or if H-man is an exception to the rule, but he generally enjoys his baths. During last night's bath I used my new camera to take a couple pictures (I'm seriously in love with it!)

We give Harry a bath every three days or so, per the recommendation of the nurses who took care of him in the NICU. Bath time is between 8-9pm so we don't use it as part of our bedtime routine (Harry's current bedtime is around midnight).

As you can see we have an infant tub to bathe Harry in. We keep it in the bathtub of our second bathroom and bathe him in there. It's kind of awkward because of where the toilet's located, but we don't have anywhere else to bathe him. I know lots of parents bathe their babies in the kitchen sink but ours is so shallow I don't think it would work very well for Harry (it works great for Pearl).

Bathing Harry is pretty easy; he's very calm in the water. It usually only takes us five minutes to wash him and then we'll let him chill out for a few more minutes. The whole shebang takes less than ten minutes. After the bath he gets slathered with some baby lotion and bundled up in warm clothes.

So fresh and so clean clean!


  1. We bathe Will every 3 days also. It just makes more sense for us and also his skin doesn't dry out so quickly.

  2. Charlie loves baths too. He actually fell asleep in the middle of his bath last night!

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