Friday, December 30, 2011

Tummy Time ≠ Nap Time

Harry hates tummy time. I mean hates it. When we first started doing it he didn't mind so much, but it seems like every time we do it he screams louder than the last. It's really frustrating since we're supposed to be doing at least a half hour a day (from what I've read) and we barely make it five minutes. Sigh...

We do have him sit up a lot and he has great head and neck control, but that doesn't help him learn to roll over (which he hasn't done again since the first time) and eventually crawl. The other day I saw that some parents roll up a towel to help support their babies while during tummy time. I decided to try that tonight to see if Harry might like tummy time a little better. He liked it a lot better.

Uhhhh, that's not going to work buddy! Ya, little guy promptly fell asleep!

I know we'll eventually get to where we're doing a half hour of tummy time so I'm really not too worried about it. But to get to that point it's going to take a lot of tears, which will be anything but fun!

Oh, and here's another picture I took today, just thought it was cute.

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  1. No worries dear- we do tummy time about 3 times a day 5 minutes each at most. Liam doesn't mind it at first but after 5-10 minutes in he gets frustrated and cries or falls asleep- at least you are trying :) ...he will get the hang of it sooner then later :)


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