Sunday, December 11, 2011

Playtex Drop-Ins Review

We've been using the Playtex Drop-Ins bottles for nearly two weeks so I thought I'd do a review on them. In general, I like them. Something to keep in mind when reading my review: there are a ton of different nipple options with the Drop-Ins, and my review is based on using the silicone slow-flow nipples.

Harry modeling a four ounce bottle

Here are the pros and cons.

-Easy Clean Up: Because the Drop-Ins use a disposable liner to hold the formula clean up is a breeze! Obviously I have to clean the nipples after every use, which I do by hand (the silicone nipples are dishwasher safe though). I wash the bottles about once a day to keep them clean.
-Dribble: With the other bottles we were using Harry would always dribble a large amount of formula down his chin and neck. The Playtex nipples seem to fit his mouth much better and has hardly any dribble with them.
-Cost Effective: Some people might argue that Drop-Ins aren't cost effective because you have to keep buying liners, which are around eight to ten cents each. The starter set costs under $20, compared to $30+ for other bottles, I'd say that's a steal! And really, what is eight or ten cents when it means I can spend more time with Harry because I have less to wash?

-Spit Up: The whole reason I started looking for new bottles was because I wanted to try and eliminate the spit up. Many of the reviewers online said how their babies hardly spit up at all with the Drop-Ins because the liner collapses in on itself and prevents the baby from swallowing air. Not the case with Harry. He doesn't spit up after every feeding but he still does it a few times each day.
-Extra Garbage: The liners are one more thing that has to go in the trash. I'm not crazy about being green or anything, but I used to be big on recycling. Unfortunately our condo complex doesn't recycle, so we end up throwing everything away. However, the liners are recyclable.
-Hard To Measure: Measuring how much water you need to make your bottle is a little tricky with the Drop-Ins. The measurements on the larger bottles are inaccurate and the ones on the liners are really hard to see. To get the right amount of water in the bottle I simply fill up a correctly labeled bottle with the right amount of water and dump it in to the liner... problem solved!

I would recommend the Playtex Drop-Ins. Even though they didn't 100% solve our spit up problem I love the convenience of the system.

Okay, its nearly 3am and I think Harry finally fell asleep, he's a night owl like me! Off to get some much needed shut eye :)

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